4 Mar 2014

Some Pacific states far behind on human rights reporting

7:26 am on 4 March 2014

Some small Pacific Island states are up to twelve years overdue on implementing reports on various human rights treaties they've signed up to.

To try and help them catch up with these obligations, representatives from Kiribati, Nauru, Palau, the Marshall Islands and Tuvalu have spent the past week at a workshop in Fiji.

The workshop was run by the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, and its Human Rights Advisor, Filipo Masaurua, says its aim was to try and speed the countries up and see what the forum could do to help.

"The focus is really on treaty ratification, implementation and reporting. Basically asking the officers, have a look at your national obligations in relation to human rights and tell us how we can effectively either implement and/or just tell us how we can help you report on the treaties that are long overdue."

Filipo Masaurua says the Pacific's attitude towards human rights is improving immensely.