27 Feb 2014

Fiji heavy rain to persist for days

4:54 pm on 27 February 2014

Heavy rain in Fiji is likely to continue until at least Sunday, with the possibility the depression could develop into a tropical cyclone.

The country's meteorological service says the rain is of particular concern to eastern and central parts of the main island of Viti Levu, with flood warnings having been issued for all rivers in that area.

The Meteorology director, Alipate Waqaicelua, says all of these rivers are expected to burst their banks and people in low lying areas are being urged to move to higher ground.

"With the amount of water now saturating the soil and if it does develop further and become a tropical cyclone it's going to become a major hazard for Fiji, we're looking at more landslides and associated disasters."

The director of the Fiji meteorological service, Alipate Waqaicelua.