27 Feb 2014

Vanuatu PM says always confident would avoid vote

1:57 pm on 27 February 2014

A motion of no confidence in the Vanuatu prime minister, Moana Carcasses, was withdrawn this morning by the opposition after six MPs who had defected returned to the government side.

The numbers in the 52 seat parliament are now 30 for Mr Carcasses and 21 for the opposition.

It was the second attempt to bring a vote of no confidence in Mr Carcasses but he says he was always confident he would defeat it.

"We have quite big support from the population. We have not done anything wrong in breaking the law or anything. Actually the vision that is put in place is for the public interest, so that is why I had faith at the time when the motion came that, yeah, on the other side you should have some people who want to continue that venture together - they want to work with serious people. And that is exactly what happened."

Moana Carcasses says the six MPs who had defected then rejoined his government realised that important projects were underway and they want to finish them.

The opposition also withdrew a second motion to vote Philip Boedoro out of the Speaker's role.