26 Feb 2014

Heavy rain triggers Fiji flood alerts

7:17 pm on 26 February 2014

The Fiji meteorological service has issued a flood alert for the eastern part of the main island, Viti Levu, because of fears heavy rain could cause one of its biggest catchments to overflow.

A senior meteorologist, Terry Atalifo, says a depression, which is now to the west of the island group, is likely to turn into a cyclone by the weekend but it is too early to tell how strong the storm might be.

He says it has issued a heavy rain warning for all of Fiji and a strong wind warning for the northern part of the group.

He says at this stage the biggest concern is the rain, which could lead to flooding of the Rewa river.

"We have issued a flood alert for one of the catchments in the main island. Flooding is a big concern for us. Certain villages lie along this major river so if it does become worse, then definitely housing will be a problem as well."

Terry Atalifo says it is closely monitoring water levels of rivers all around the country.