24 Feb 2014

Three deaths, three missing after landslide in Papua

11:17 am on 24 February 2014

Three people have died and three others are missing in Indonesia's Papua province, after landslides caused by torrential rain over the weekend.

The Jakarta Post reports two victims - Ellias Sohilait, a Bank Papua security officer, and Christina Umpenawany Humisi, were found dead in the APO Kali complex in Jayapura, while the third victim, Christin Yewen, a school student, was found dead at her home.

Several residents were injured when the landslide buried their homes and three people are still missing.

A house at Kloofkamp, which is about two kilometers away from APO Kali, was dragged by floodwaters when the Anafri River burst its banks.

Floods have inundated several houses and offices in the province's capital.

Several buildings, including the Papua Legislative Council building, the Papua Police headquarters, the Transportation Agency and the Papua Sports Centre are reportedly swamped in 10 centimeters of mud.