22 Feb 2014

Family locked in land dispute with American Samoa Govt offer to settle

1:13 pm on 22 February 2014

In American Samoa, a family who has been locked in a land dispute with the government over much of the land that occupies the airport, government housing and the Industrial Park in Tafuna has made an offer to settle.

The Department of Commerce in a report says the Fagaima family has proposed the government compensate them for their lands to the tune of 5 million US dollars.

Its says the government and the Fono have assured the family they will meet and get back to them on the matter.

The department, which oversees the Industrial Park, points out that the land dispute has cost the government 5 million US dollars in federal monies intended for the upgrade and rehabilitation of roads in the Industrial Park.

The report says as a result of the land dispute, federal agencies such as the economic Development Authority and Department of Housing and Urban Development were forced to rescind the awarding of federal grants until the case is resolved.