20 Feb 2014

Warm relations not warranted yet says Fiji politician

5:38 am on 20 February 2014

A Fiji politician, Mick Beddoes, says it is sad at such a critical juncture that New Zealand and Australia have decided to embrace the Fiji regime.

He was commenting on a visit by the the Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Contact Group and the meeting between Australia's Foreign Minister and the leader of the Fiji regime.

That was the first top level meeting since 2008 and has been described as warm and fruitful.

Mr Beddoes says it would be better for the countries' to have improved relations with Fiji when an elected government is in place.

"It seems they have taken further steps than one would have anticipated and that's a great disappointment especially when we know that they know there are still many thing to be put in place before we can have anything close to resembling free and fair elections."

Mick Beddoes of the United Front for a Democratic Fiji