18 Feb 2014

Fiji authorities say little threat for tourists from dengue

7:28 pm on 18 February 2014

Visitors to Fiji are being assured there is minimal risk to visitors from an outbreak of dengue fever.

The ministry of information says a total of 2,589 Fijians have so far tested positive to the mosquito-borne disease, but no international visitors have been affected.

It says on the Coral Coast, around the town of Sigatoka, where several major resorts are located, the 30 people diagnosed with dengue are locals who contracted the disease elsewhere in Fiji.

And it says of the 255 suspected cases around Nadi, none have been at the main resort island of Denarau.

Most of the cases are in the Central Division around Suva.

The ministry says an intense public health campaign is underway with people being urged to empty containers carrying water to eliminate mosquito breeding areas.

The ministry of health has a special task force to deal with the outbreak and has deployed extra staff.