18 Feb 2014

PNG police say security firm G4S behind asylum seeker unrest

7:28 pm on 18 February 2014

The Papua New Guinea police say the Australian security firm, G4S, is to blame for most of the injuries sustained during unrest at the Manus off-shore processing centre on Monday night.

One asylum seeker is dead following two nights of rioting and escapes from the Manus camp, 13 suffered serious injuries, including one flown to Australia in a critical condition, and 22 suffered minor injuries.

The Australian Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, says most of the serious injuries, particularly in the case of the deceased person, happened outside the centre.

The PNG deputy police commissioner, Simon Kauba, says police were only involved in returning eight detainees who had jumped the fence.

He says he can't say yet whether or not police were involved in injuring any of the escapees.

"But most of the injuries sustained, by the refugees, were caused by G4S security and the Australian management team who are operating within the asylum seekers centre. There's confirmation that there was a big clash between the security G4S and refugees, so yeah, these people really wanted to get out, they were yelling, shouting, they want freedom, freedom, freedom."

Simon Kauba says he's still awaiting a full report on the disturbance.