17 Feb 2014

Tautua party wants new probe of New Zealander death in Samoa

2:56 pm on 17 February 2014

The leader of the opposition Tautua Party in Samoa is calling for the case of a New Zealander who died in a prison cell there to be reopened.

Staff at Tafaigata prison found 38-year-old Hans Dalton dead in four litres of water on Boxing Day 2012.

Another inmate, Jonathan Patrick Crichton, was charged with his murder last year and found not guilty.

The Tautua party leader, Palusalue Faapo II, says Dalton's family is reportedly considering suing the government and the case needs to be resolved.

"A proper investigation to find out whoever did this, whether it's a policeman or whoever. Because I believe the family now is planning to sue the government and I believe the government should look for whoever did this to Mr Dalton."

Palusalue Faapo II says the Samoan government cannot afford to pay compensation to Hans Dalton's family, should any legal action be successful.