13 Feb 2014

Cronyism has hampered Nauru's justice sector for too long - Minister

5:43 am on 13 February 2014

Nauru's Home Affairs Minister says the positions of resident Magistrate and registrar are being advertised as different positions as part of the government's recruitment drive to fill vacant judicial posts.

Last month Nauru deported the Australian Peter Law, who had been working as both the resident Magistrate and registrar.

Nauru also cancelled the visa of its Australian based chief justice.

The minister, Charmaine Scotty, says cronyism has hampered Nauru's justice sector for too long, accusing ex-patriates in key positions of running their own system contrary to the country's interests.

She says the government has advertised widely for resident Magistrate and registrar.

"They've sent it out through the Commonwealth. We've got some people that are interested. And now the Secretary for Justice is going to do some interviews, I think some time this week. There is serious effort in regards to filling that position."

Nauru's Home Affairs Minister, Charmaine Scotty.