12 Feb 2014

Buckingham trial hears of night he tried to flee CNMI

6:47 pm on 12 February 2014

The trial of the Northern Marianas' former attorney general Edward Buckingham has heard from witnesses detailing how he avoided being served a penal summons in 2012.

An investigator for the Office of the Public Auditor, Juanette David-Atalig, said she and another investigator were told by a police officer on orders from higher up that they would be arrested if they tried to serve the penal summons.

The OPA legal counsel, George Hasselback, also presented 16 videos showing Department of Public Safety officers escorting Mr Buckingham to Saipan International Airport to flee the territory.

Our correspondent, Mark Rabago, says there is a chance that Mr Buckingham might have to take the stand himself in coming days.

Mark Rabago says the trial, that has attracted huge publicity in the territory, is expected to last until next week.