10 Feb 2014

Nauru MP backs New Zealand MP's chaos claim

8:15 pm on 10 February 2014

A Nauru opposition MP says New Zealand MPs have a right to speak about the country's issues because a lot of New Zealand aid money is spent on Nauru.

On Friday, the Green Party MP, Jan Logie said in a statement that Nauru was descending into a state of chaos and ignoring the rule of law as part of efforts to shut down criticism of the camps.

The Nauru government responded by calling the comments a display of international bullying, arrogance and racism and demanded an open apology.

But Matthew Batsiua says Nauru is very much in a state of chaos with the government interfering in a justice system that's supposed to be independent of the state.

"It just goes back to the core problem and that is the government of Nauru at this stage are at this stage are not recognising and respecting the rule of law by interfering in the justice system and I can understand how people from New Zealand can be aggreived because there's been quite a substantial amount of New Zealand aid brought into our justice sector to support and improve our justice sector."

Matthew Batsiua.