10 Feb 2014

Coral nurseries to help restoration of reefs in American Samoa

2:09 pm on 10 February 2014

A world specialist in coral reef restoration is teaching American Samoan villagers how to restore their coral reefs by building numerous coral nurseries using recyclable materials.

Dr Shari Shafir, a professor with Israel's Oranim Academic College of Education, developed a special nursery that can float.

And in Leone Dr Shafir is applying an advance method of his invention by changing the depth of the nursery so that villagers do not need to dive to care for the corals.

He hopes the villagers in Leone will take what they have learned to other parts of the territory.

"The people of the village are so engaged in it. I give them lectures about coral biology and how to make nurseries and how to make new coral, but not just talking. More important they are doing it themselves and hopefully there are other places in American Samoa that need this restoration - those people here from the village will be the teachers."

Dr Shari Shafir.