5 Feb 2014

Fiji's PDP "put in danger" by trade unionists

7:01 pm on 5 February 2014

One of the founders of Fiji's People's Democratic Party, Nirmal Singh, says he resigned because he thought trade unionists' involvement in the party was putting it in danger.

Mr Singh plans to announce next week whether he will stand as an independent or join another party.

Earlier trade unionist Daniel Urai said he and his colleague Felix Anthony would stand representing the PDP at this year's election.

Mr Singh says from his understanding of Fiji law trade unionists can not take part in political activity which might compromise the neutrality of their office.

He says differences on fundamental issues meant it was important for him to step aside.

"Seventy percent of the people who are in the upper hierarchy of the party are not trade unionists and the situation in this country demands at the moment that any political party that is formed it should take the interests of all the people of Fiji and not only one segment of society. I think that is not very productive for Fiji."

Former People's Democratic Party member, Nirmal Singh.