4 Feb 2014

Vanuatu opposition wants probe of visa sales in China

4:27 pm on 4 February 2014

The Vanuatu opposition has demanded an immediate investigation into the alleged selling of Vanuatu visas in China.

The departments of foreign affairs and immigration say they are aware of the allegations and have already given directives to staff in Beijing to stop issuing electronic visas.

The opposition says it has received the address of a Chinese website that advertised Vanuatu visas, listing a contact email address.

The opposition office press officer, Jeff Batunvanu, says it's against the Immigration Act and the government needs to look into it.

"It could be a scandal, because normally the embassy of Vanuatu would not sell any such visa. It is only through the principal immigration of Vanuatu should have this authority. But then, if in this case, the government should have an investigation into it immediately."

Jeff Batunvanu.