3 Feb 2014

9 teachers from Fiji briefed by Vanuatu Ministry of Education

4:54 pm on 3 February 2014

Nine retired teachers from Fiji have been briefed by Vanuatu's minister of education, Bob Loughman, and will begin teaching in the country soon.

The Vanuatu Teachers' Union has criticised the deal, saying it should have been consulted and local teachers should be given jobs first.

One of the teachers from Fiji, Setareki Taraga, who will be teaching agricultural science, says the 3 females and 6 male teachers assigned all have more than 20 years of experience.

Mr Taraga says they have been asked to help improve the schools' performance and students' grades.

"We've got to improve the importance of the school, with regards to our subject areas and also help in areas we think we can assist in - in the running of the school, in sport, maybe in church, wherever we can. That is our assignment."

Setareki Taraga says their contract is for two years, and their salaries will be covered half by the Fiji government and half by the Vanuatu government.

He says the school curriculums for Vanuatu and Fiji are similar.