1 Feb 2014

Some evacuation centres to remain open in Fiji over weekend

7:35 am on 1 February 2014

Some evacuation centres in Fiji are remaning open over the weekend as evacuees wait to hear if their homes are safe to be re-occupied, after heavy rain threatened Fiji's Western division on Thursday.

Fiji Live reports that over 1200 people took to evacuation centres as a precautionary measure, and while most have returned home, some are waiting to get clearance from survey teams.

The website says the Western Commissioner, Joeli Cawaki, says if people still need to stay on in centres after the weekend, they will have to be moved to town halls.

He says one of the priorities is to ensure classes return to normal on Monday, so by Sunday, all classes used as relief centres will have to be cleaned up.

Meanwhile, the Nadi Town Council special Administrator, Robin Ali, says improved drainage and systems meant the centre of the Fiji town was spared from the heavy damage sustained in recent years.

"The additional three dams have been created to slow down the flow of the water and it was only at the end of yesterday, towards the end, when there was a very, I mean a king tide, it just touched on certain areas otherwise Nadi town was all clear."

Robin Ali says it was the first time the flood waters did not affect the Queens Road between the town and the airport after a king tide.