20 Jan 2014

PNG court stays arrest warrants for politicians being investigated

9:10 pm on 20 January 2014

A Papua New Guinea judge has stayed all arrest warrants being faced by politicians implicated in an anti-corruption probe into illegal payments to a law firm.

The matter follows an attempt by the police commissioner to arrest the opposition leader Belden Namah at the weekend until Mr Namah's lawyer successfully obtained a stay on the warrant.

Our correspondent Todagia Kelola says the matter returned to court this morning where the senior supreme and national court judge Justice Catherine Davani adjourned the case for three weeks.

"Police shall not effect any arrest on the treasurer Don Polye or the finance minister James Marape or the threat by the police commissioner for the opposition leader to be arrested. All these are stayed until the matter returns on the 11th of February."

Todagia Kelola says the case relates to Belden Namah's call for the reinstation of four police officers who were suspended for trying to arrest the prime minister and two senior ministers for their alleged involvement in corrupt payments to Paul Paraka Lawyers.