13 Jan 2014

Suspended Vanuatu doctors suing government

2:54 pm on 13 January 2014

Three senior doctors in Vanuatu who have been suspended are now suing the government.

The doctors, Hensley Garae, Len Tarivonda and Russel Tamata were suspended by the Acting Director General of the Ministry of Health, Doctor Santos Wari last year.

The doctors say they are claiming damages, severance pay and other legitimate claims worth more than one million US dollars.

The trio say they have decided to take legal action against the government because their reputations have been tarnished by Dr Wari.

They say they believe Dr Wari would not welcome them back to their respective positions, which is why they have decided to go to court.

They say Mr Wari first made allegations in their suspension letters that they are not qualified, and while suspended they have been served with other letters accusing them of serious allegations.

The case is expected to be heard in court at the end of January.