13 Jan 2014

Fiji election machinery needed - Sodelpa

7:11 am on 13 January 2014

Fiji's Sodelpa Party says the newly appointed Electoral Commission will be ineffective until other election machinery is put in place.

The government has announced a seven member commission, headed by former president of the Fiji Law Society Chen Bunn Young, to supervise the elections promised for September.

Sodelpa's general secretary, Pio Tabaiwalu, says while it welcomes the Commission being appointed, the Electoral Decree should have come out first.

He says parties are working on an ad hoc basis with no idea as to how the election is going to be run.

Mr Tabaiwalu says it is also concerning that a supervisor of elections has not been named and changes to the constitution have not been confirmed.

"We welcome it, it's something we've really been working around for weeks. But we can't really move unless the other bits come in - the rules and regulations, the supervisor of elections and the changes to the consitutiton. It cannot work in isolation and we cannot work in isolation of those other factors, although they have named the commission."

Pio Tabaiwalu says these issues need to resolved within a month if a fair election is to take place.