10 Jan 2014

Solomons police to charge more than 40 over rioting

2:14 pm on 10 January 2014

The Solomon Islands acting police commissioner says an investigation is continuing into a violent civil disturbance that began at Wednesday's concert by the late Bob Marley's son, Julian.

Juanita Matanga says between three and five hundred young people were involved in the unrest, after which three officers were treated for head injuries in hospital and 44 people arrested.

She says more than 200 police officers were deployed to quell the disturbance, including riot police.

Ms Matanga says the crowd attacked police and security officers with stones and metal rods, setting up road blocks after the concert in east Honiara.

"These roads are public roads. Individuals or people have no rights over these public roads to do whatever they want to do. To do road blocks it's a criminal offence, therefore it's our duty to ensure that these sorts of criminal behaviour are attended to."

Juanita Matanga says a swift police response stopped the rioters from damaging property.