6 Jan 2014

Bad weather halts Samoa police search for missing couple

7:08 pm on 6 January 2014

Poor weather is hampering a police search in Samoa for two missing people following a car accident last week.

The man and woman, who are both over 60, were part of a group of seven whose minivan was swept down a flooded river which had destroyed part of the main road on the way to Aleipata.

The police say two people are confirmed dead and the driver and two others have been released from hospital.

The Assistant Police Commissioner Fauono Talalei Tapu says weather conditions have stalled the search for the missing pair.

"They've still not managed to put out divers because the current is strong and also the river's still dirty. We can't put our divers in at the moment. But when it's ready then we'll go ahead and put our divers in and see if we can manage to recover the couple."

Fauono Talalei Tapu says police hope the rain will stop for several days to allow the river water to clear up for divers.