31 Dec 2013

Water issues to ease for some in American Samoa

2:52 pm on 31 December 2013

Some villages on American Samoa's main island of Tutuila will soon have their access to a full water service restored, after years of having to boil water before use.

Bans have been in place on the island's western side for four years after the discovery of E-coli bacteria in water drawn from wells.

The executive director of the American Samoa Power Authority, Utu Abe Malae, says because of improvements to the well field at Malaeloa, the agency hopes to lift the boil notice for the Leone to Poloa distribution system within four months.

The water use restriction creates a strain for households, which either buy bottled water, or are forced to spend more on electricity, gas or kerosene, to heat the water.

Our correspondent says a number of households have been ignoring the boil advice.

There had been plans to build more water treatment plants but this has been ruled too expensive by the Authority.