30 Dec 2013

PNG's Asaro mudmen consider suing impersonators

12:13 pm on 30 December 2013

A spokesperson for a group of Papua New Guinea's famous Asaro Mudmen says they are considering taking legal action against others making money from impersonating them.

The mudmen of the Eastern Highlands are legendary for having scared off invading tribes by coating themselves with white mud, donning ceramic masks and rising up from the ground like ghosts.

Andrew Harakue lives at Gimisave village where descendants of the original mudmen recreate the event for tourists.

He says his people intend to take the impersonators to court.

Many cultural groups they try to adopt this, without the government's permission, without the landowners' permission, their owners' permission, they're trying to use it, which is very true.

Andrew Harakue says Gimisave villagers also plan to lodge a complaint with the Tourism Promotion Authority.