20 Dec 2013

New child registration database in Solomon Islands

3:33 pm on 20 December 2013

The civil registrar of births and deaths in Solomon Islands says a new electronic database will drastically improve the registration of children there.

UNICEF estimates registration of under-fives in Solomon Islands is about one in five - among the lowest in the Pacific.

Musu Kevu says the software, funded by UNICEF, is a milestone in the protection, survival and development of children there.

He says while it is currently in its trial stage, it is hoped the database will soon be used in all hospitals across the country.

"If you could actually install at the specific hospitals and get the system working there, so when the children are born they can be directly into the system. Now, we are still using paper based notification from the hospital, to our office and our staff put the information into the system."

Musu Kevu says the new database will also mean all Solomon Islanders can register themselves as legal citizens, trace their ancestors and more easily access government services.