19 Dec 2013

Fiji women's cricket gets a boost from young players

7:29 pm on 19 December 2013

The head of cricket in Fiji says women's cricket is set to kick off after a long break, with a four team National Women's Competition at Suva's Albert Park tomorrow.

Inoke Lesuma says the turnout has been really surprising and the inclusion of players from the secondary schools competition has been great for the teams.

He says players range in age from fourteen to 35 and the teams are Lomary, West and two from Suva.

He says he hopes the turn out will help boost interest in women's cricket as plans are underway for more games in February next year.

He says he's hoping this tournament will strengthen the standard of domestic competition in preparation for the Pacific Games in Port Moresby in 2015.

"They do get plenty of runs. It will be a very interesting thing to see after the competition itself. There hasn't been any real competiton for the past 24 months; so I think it's good to comment on that after the game. But we haven't really had any international exposure, so the level of competition, I think it is better to comment after the games tomorrow."

Inoke Lesuma says the women are well supported by Cricket Fiji and senior umpires will oversee the tournament.