18 Dec 2013

Women's group in PNG's Wewak says police station commander must go

3:15 pm on 18 December 2013

The leader of a provincial women's group in Papua New Guinea who was arrested when she tried to lodge a rape complaint on behalf of a teenager says she's still waiting to talk to a police investigation team.

The president of the East Sepik council of Women, Sophie Mangae, says she and another couple were beaten when they went to the Wewak police station to file a complaint about the alleged rape of an 18-year-old girl by a group of police.

She was released on bail on the weekend, after spending six days in jail, and the couple were released two days later.

She says the parents and brothers of the rape-victim are still in police custody.

Yesterday a team of senior police from Port Moresby arrived in Wewak to investigate the rape allegation.

Sophie Mangae says the first thing they should do is remove the station commander.

"The police station commander without any question, he just came in and bashed me up with his gun, and then he came and just bashed me up and I fell down and he got his gun and he said I will kill you."

Sophie Mangae has been charged with unlawful assembly and provocation.