2 Dec 2013

Solomon Island teachers theaten to strike

2:47 pm on 2 December 2013

Solomon Island teachers are threatening to go on strike next year if the Government does not meet its obligations over re-levelling and outstanding payments.

The Solomon Islands National Teachers Association or SINTA is urging the Government to pay teachers what was settled upon under several Memoranda of Agreement.

SINTA wants the issue settled by the teachers' first pay period of 2014, otherwise it says it will consider industrial action.

The group's general secretary, Walter Tesuatai, says the threat to strike is meant as a wake up call for the Government.

"I think the tactic that has been employed here is what frustates SINTA and also teachers throughout the country - for the delay in the completion of the re-levelling and the incremental teachers salaries."

SINTA General Secretary Walter Tesuatai.