14 Nov 2013

Fire service in Cooks investigates another suspicious fire

2:50 pm on 14 November 2013

The fire service in the Cook Islands is investigating a suspicious fire at a residential property, less than two weeks after a blaze engulfed a bakery and cafe.

The Rescue Fire Service was called to a home in Titikaveka about 1am yesterday morning.

Flames destroyed the house but the two occupants were able to escape uninjured.

The Deputy Chief of the Rescue Fire Service, Willie Hagai, says the blaze could be linked to a fire at the Turoa Bakery and adjoining Saltwater Cafe and two separate school fires last month that resulted from arson.

"It's got some similiarities to the previous fires we had down here, which was the fire was timed around the arrival of aircrafts. So we're not ruling that out as suspicious because in the Cook Islands the fire service is here for the priority of the aircrafts and then the domestic side of it comes second."

Willi Hagai says investigations into the bakery and cafe fire are now complete but details of the report are yet to be disclosed.