11 Nov 2013

Call for more co-ordination among aid donors

9:43 am on 11 November 2013

International aid donors are being called on for more co-ordination to ease the travel burden on Pacific Island countries.

The comment follows criticism over trips abroad by government officials from around the region, often as part of large delegations.

Our Marshall Islands correspondent says in his country, a growing number of overseas engagements take vital staff away from their work for much of the year.

But Giff Johnson says there needs to be more discussion around donor-related meetings.

"Where you've got health people on the same issues having meetings in different places at different times, I mean, some of that with better donor co-ordination could be sorted out - I'm sure - in one way or another."

Giff Johnson says government travel is viewed as a goal in itself, not as a stepping stone to something else.