1 Oct 2013

PNG capital considering cremation for unclaimed bodies

9:46 pm on 1 October 2013

The acting chief executive of Papua New Guinea's national capital district commission says it is considering cremating unclaimed bodies at the hospital as a way of saving cemetery space.

Port Moresby authorities are preparing for another mass burial of bodies not collected by relatives from the country's main hospital, something that has had to be done at least twice annually for the past few years.

Leslie Alu says the bodies are buried in coffins but have to be stacked in graves because the cemetery is running out of room.

Earlier this year there was a public outcry over Dove Funeral Home cremating bodies from the hospital but Mr Alu says that was because it was done on an open fire.

"Well, if Dove Funerals had the proper facilities because they did the first one and the air that was emitted from those cremations, eveyone thought they were - someone was cooking some foul smell, they could tell that something was being roasted or something."

The acting chief executive of PNG's national capital district commission, Leslie Alu.