30 Sep 2013

Fears in Vanuatu of future riots between ni-Vanuatu and Chinese

4:01 pm on 30 September 2013

A Vanuatu researcher says there are fears that discord between ni-Vanuatu and new Chinese immigrants could lead to heightened discrimination and riots.

Trevor Banga has been researching the relationship between Chinese immigrants and ni-Vanuatu for the Port Vila-based think tank, the Pacific Institute of Public Policy.

Mr Banga says 60 to 70 percent of ni-Vanuatu are opposed to new Chinese developments and says many are concerned the Chinese will eventually control all businesses in the country.

Vanuatu has seen an influx of Chinese arrivals in the last two decades and he says if this continues, violence could break out.

"There'll be like a lot of development in here but then there'll be a lot of riots and a lot of criticism and a lot of racism will be in ten years time I think, if we keep on allowing Chinese to come in here."

Trevor Banga from the Pacific Institute of Public Policy.