23 Sep 2013

Aoranisaka appointed Solomon Islands Police Commissioner

6:30 pm on 23 September 2013

The Solomon Islands government's desire to see the country's top police post held by a local has trumped a recommendation by the Police Service Commission.

The cabinet has appointed Peter Aoranisaka as the new Police Commissioner, even though he was only third choice on the Commission's recommended short list of five.

Number one on the list was the former Commissioner and Briton Frank Short.

The last permanent Commissioner was also an Englishman, John Lansley, whose contract ended in May.

Our correspondent Dorothy Wickham says Mr Aoranisaka, who is from Marau in Guadalcanal, is well-respected and has considerable experience around the country.

"There's also this feeling within our political leadership that we should now localise the police commissioner's role. I think this is the reason that this has come about. And there's also a strong feeling on the ground that we should localise now, especially with RAMSI's withdrawal, that now we should start localising the head of the Police Force."

Dorothy Wickham.