13 Sep 2013

Chief in flood-hit area of Solomons calls for water/food

3:12 pm on 13 September 2013

A paramount chief in the area hit by floods east of the Solomon Islands capital Honiara says people urgently need fresh water and food.

Heavy flooding in the past fortnight destroyed food gardens and commercial crops as well as damaging bridges and other public infrastructure in the Ghaobata, East Taimsboko,Vulolo and Paripao wards.

More than 12,000 people are affected by food and water shortages and Benedict Garimane of the Vhibo tribe says although bridges have been temporarily repaired many people are still cut off from markets and services.

"Government should - through disaster - provide enough: More food, drinking water and also medicals to reach those people to avoid a serious sickness affecting them."

Chief Benedict Garimane says the government has brought in some food but not enough for everyone and fresh water is in short supply because all the streams and wells are contaminated.