12 Sep 2013

UN study urges more work with boys to combat rape in Bougainville

1:31 pm on 12 September 2013

A United Nations study has recommended more work with young men and boys to address high rates of rape in Bougainville in Papua New Guinea.

The study by the Partners for Prevention programme found a quarter of Bougainvillean men who have admitted to rape were fourteen years or younger when they first committed the crime.

Ten thousand men were interviewed in nine locations in Asia and the Pacific, and Bougainville was found to have some of the highest rates of physical and sexual violence.

James Lang says the study shows violence against women is preventable and more work needs to be done to deal with trauma and change attitudes.

"The low age of rape perpetration has led us to believe that we need more interventions that help build healthy visions of manhood for young men, help young men understand healthy relationships and consent particularly."

The Director of the Partners for Prevention Programme, James Lang.