10 Sep 2013

Australia's offshore asylum seeker centres keep filling up

8:12 pm on 10 September 2013

There are now more than 1300 people in Australia's off shore detention camps for asylum seekers.

A transfer today of a group of 40 single men from Christmas Island to Manus Island in Papua New Guinea, takes the numbers there to 696.

The group was made up of 27 Afghans, 12 Pakistanis and one Iranian.

Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship announced ysterday that a total of 32 Iranians had chosen to return home voluntarily rather than stay on Manus Island.

Another 618 would be refugees, including 50 children, are being detained on Nauru.

It is now a year since the Nauru camp re-opened but sources say none of the asylum seekers have yet been granted refugee status, despite the secretary of justice announcing two weeks ago that a number had qualified for that status.