10 Sep 2013

Study needed for American Samoa cable car relaunch

9:43 am on 10 September 2013

The American Samoa Visitors Bureau Executive Director, David Vaeafe, says a feasibility study is needed before the re-establishment of the once- famous cable car attraction.

The cable car, which stretches across Pago Pago harbour, was popular with tourists many years ago but it has been out of service for a long time.

Mr Vaeafe says a feasibility study is needed because the wires, as they are, would obstruct the taller cruise ships being built nowadays.

"The cruise ship companies have said to us that if you are developing your port and your facilities you must take into account that they are building ships of 5,000 people plus. When they say that they mean the ships are getting taller."


David Vaeafe.

A comprehensive economic study last year put the cost of restoring the cable car at about US$10 million..