9 Sep 2013

Kiribati MPs determined to stamp out corruption

4:16 pm on 9 September 2013

The chairperson of a new anti-corruption organisation for politicians in Kiribati says MPs are determined to rid their country of the problem.

Mareko Tofinga, who is the MP for South Tarawa, says more than half of Kiribati's 46 MPs have formed the first Pacific Island country chapter of the Global Organisation of Parliamentarians Against Corruption or GOPAC.

He says the level of corruption in Kiribati is unknown but it is certainly evident in government departments and MPs showed at last month's meeting they will no longer tolerate it.

"People were really arguing against that anybody who was involved in corruption should be removed, even if they are ministers. And that is what is happening now, it's a very good sign."

Mareko Tofinga says Kiribati is still prepareing to sign the United Nations Convention against Corruption and having its own GOPAC chapter will speed up the process.