9 Sep 2013

China plans to import from Pacific Island countries

1:31 pm on 9 September 2013

China plans to import more products from Pacific Island countries as part of a raft of measures to help the region's development.

A Chinese special envoy Li Qiangmin laid out the plans on Friday during the Pacific Islands Forum's Post-Forum Dialogue.

Xinhua reports China will enhance co-operation by hosting an economic and development co-operation meeting in Guangzhou in November.

It will import more products from island countries, encourage Chinese investment, build more schools, roads, hospitals, sports facilities and other infrastructure and manufacturing projects.

China will also send more technological experts to the region and provide more than 500 Chinese government scholarships.

Xinhua reports China will also provide 800 thousand US dollars in funds to further promote China's relationship with the Forum and to support regional co-operation.

This comes on top of a 32 million dollar project for clean energy-related projects.