4 Jul 2013

Solomon Islanders warn PM on dangers of rising sea levels

10:49 am on 4 July 2013

People in the Malaita outer islands of Solomon Islands say it's time to move before rising sea levels become too dangerous.

The Solomon Star reports people in the Pelau community in Lord Howe told Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo that the problem has been threatening them for decades.

Chris Keungi says sea level rise is real and there are multiple complications such as soil fertility and scarcity of land as the population rises.

He says it is high time to move into resettlement.

The claims come as a new report from Europe says scientists have found a new way to forecast El Nino weather events a year in advance.

The authors say it's far from flawless, but they will be able to assist farmers to adapt early to shifts in rainfall.