5 Jul 2013

New online climate change portal launched in Fiji

4:11 am on 5 July 2013

An online portal for information about climate change in the Pacific has been launched in Fiji.

Groups have been meeting in Nadi this week to look at how communities can adapt and be more resilient to severe weather patterns and their impacts on food and water supplies.

Marita Manley, on a project with the SPC, says having a regional information hub is about making sure everyone has access to shared expertise and will help avoid future mistakes.

She says a disaster manager in the Solomon Islands has already been using the Pacific Solution Exchange - another portal coordinated by the United Nations Development Programme and funded by AusAID.

Ms Manley says despite having a poor internet connection, the manager had printed out answers that experts posted to online queries, and was using them for his daily work.

"Hopefully if we make more use of technology and we make more use of things like the climate change portal and Pacific solution exchange, hopefully as we make better use of this technology and tools there might hopefully be less need for these big regional meetings."

Marita Manley.