10 Jul 2013

PNG opposition dismayed at PM language

6:34 pm on 10 July 2013

The Papua New Guinea opposition has rejected the language used by the prime minister who labelled those disagreeing with him as social misfits and psychopaths.

The opposition's Belden Namah says his side takes exception to Mr O'Neill's statement to defend his proposed constitutional amendments.

The prime minister wants to reduce the minimum number of sitting days from 63 to 40 and force details of a planned vote of no confidence to be made public three months before any vote is held.

But Mr Namah says the prime minister tries his best to justify the vandalism and demise of a very significant law of the constitution.

The opposition whip, Tobias Kulang, says misfits are supposed to be in Bomana prison and psychopaths at the Laloki Mental Hospital.