12 Jul 2013

UN Rights committee deplores ongoing violations in Papua

6:01 pm on 12 July 2013

The UN Human Rights Committee has highlighted the ongoing violence in Indonesia's Papua region and deplored the excessive use of force by Indonesian security forces.

The Committee has reviewed the implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in Indonesia and found ongoing failure to protect these rights in Papua.

Referring to a high number of extrajudicial killings in Papua in the past two years, the Committee says violations are likely to continue with no effective mechanism available to hold the military accountable.

In its review, the UN committee also deplored the situation of freedom of expression in Papua.

However, the Indonesian government delegation to the committee has responded by saying that freedom of expression is not absolute.

According to the delegation, the Indonesian government will continue to stop peaceful expressions of political views that aim at the separation of Papua from Indonesia.