12 Jul 2013

Fiji's NFP risks deregistration over tendering row

1:05 pm on 12 July 2013

Fiji's National Federation Party says it faces de-registration if it fails to pay 3,000 US dollars by Monday in a dispute with the registrar of political parties.

The Party's President, Raman Singh, says through the registrar, Mohammed Saneem, the party was sent a bill from the Fiji Sun newspaper for publishing the party asset declarations in June.

Mr Singh says while the party accepts it has to pay for the asset declarations, it objects to the manner in which the registrar chose the Fiji Sun.

"The registrar chose this particular publication without calling for tenders or there being any competition within any other newspapers; so we felt it was in breach of the fair trading decree. So the complaint has been made to him and to the chair of the Commerce Commission who looks at situations like this."

Raman Singh says the NFP is fundraising among its members to try and get the money required to stay registered.