19 Jul 2013

Solomon Islands teachers to strike for three more weeks

3:59 pm on 19 July 2013

Teachers in Solomon Islands have agreed to continue striking for another three weeks or until the government completes all relevelling payments owed to them.

The National Teachers Association says the education ministry has given SINTA a written assurance that the first 21 educational authorities will be paid by July the 25th and the remaining eight will be paid by August the eighth.

SINTA's new Industrial Relations Officer, Samson Faisi, says teachers in the union have agreed to strike until the latter date.

"From now until the eighth of August, all those educational authorities, 29 of them, all the teachers, they are due to be relevelled and also given their increment. They must all be paid by that date."

Samson Faisi says there are concerns that students' preparations for their national exams in November are being hampered but he ays the government must take the blame for that.