22 Jul 2013

Disaster committee chair says women will lead when floods hit

5:00 am on 22 July 2013

The chairperson of a disaster committee in Fiji says there are more women than men in the committee and women are crucial to spreading the word and saving people when disasters hit.

Yashmin Khan is in charge of the Wailoaloa Disaster Committee in Nadi and says she has had special training about what to do when a flood happens.

She says after last year's floods in January and March, people are now ready to react. She says saving lives and not trying to save all your possessions is the key message.

Ms Khan says she lost almost everything last year, but thankfully her whole village was safe thanks to good communication.

"You can see the ladies moving on now, they are the most hardworking people around. Because the ladies are home, they know what to do. Because the men are all.. just go out working, but the ladies stay home and they know what to do."

Yashmin Khan.