23 Jul 2013

Six top positions at American Samoa's LBJ hospital eliminated

9:53 am on 23 July 2013

Six top managerial positions at the LBJ Medical Centre in American Samoa will be eliminated next week following an assessment of the hospital board of directors.

The abolished positions includes at least four people who have been with the hospital for many years. Among those six individuals is a medical doctor whose employment with LBJ spans for more than 10 years.

Samoa News quotes an unnamed board member saying that the six positions were eliminated following a six assessment of hospital operations.

The assessment also found that these six positions were created by the last hospital administration without advertising these jobs.

The board member also says their assessment found alot of financial problems, personnel problems, hiring problems and compensation problems.

Now the board, which is appointed by the governor and already confirmed by the Fono, is putting the hospital on a financial restructure.