23 Jul 2013

Rioters on Nauru face charges of rioting, wilful damage and arson

9:01 am on 23 July 2013

A spokesperson for the Nauru Government says rioting asylum seekers at an Australian-run detention centre will face charges of rioting, wilful damage and arson on Government buildings.

152 asylum seekers are due to appear in court tomorrow after a riot at the detention centre on Nauru caused 55 million US dollars in damage.

The riot coincided with the Australian government's announcement of a new immigration policy not to allow would-be refugees who arrive by boat.

The Director of the Government Information Office, Joanna Olsson, says the only building left standing after the riot are half a kitchen and a recreation centre.

"I think the police have done their prime investigations at the site already because they've already started clearing the site so I guess it's no longer a crime scene, but I guess ongoing is trying to identify these guys and weeding out who the actual ring leaders are."

Joanna Olsson says about 400 asylum seekers, who weren't jailed, are currently being housed in tents as police investigations into the riot continue.