26 Jul 2013

Port and airport rates in American Samoa to be reviewed

11:16 am on 26 July 2013

A task force to review rates for port and airport services in American Samoa has been established by Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga.

Rates for port services and facilities were established over 30 years ago, and Lolo says it is necessary to revisit these rates.

He says increased and changing activities at the port and airport compel the need to reassess whether current rates for Port and airport services, as well as leases there, are appropriate.

The task force is made up of directors of Port Administration, Commerce, Office of Procurement, the treasurer and the governor's legal counsel.

According to the governor, any new proposed rates will have to be based on criteria that takes into consideration economic development and job creation.

It is also being asked to also seek input from the private sector and all stakeholders so that there is minimal objections when new rates are proposed.